1. Results at www.ugostiteljskaburza.hr are owned Ugostiteljska Burza d.o.o. Company. By accessing this page, you agree to all the rules and conditions of use. We reserve the right to change the terms of use of this site at any time. The changes take effect at the time of publication. The user is required to regularly read the terms and conditions of using the site to be familiar with the current rules and conditions of use.
  2. The purpose of advertising on the site ugostiteljskaburza.hr, the user undertakes to register and fill in the registration form your personal data and contact information. The collection of required data is based Law on Prohibition and Prevention of conducting unregistered business. User for accuracy guarantees legal liability. According to the Law on the protection of personal data, collected personal data are stored in files of personal data managed by Ugostiteljska Burza d.o.o. Company
  3. Each user acceptance of these rules allow the use and processing of the data for the purpose of system and to send e-mail and ugostiteljskaburza.hr agrees to use this information only for the purposes for which they were obtained.
  4. All announcements, advertisements, emails, texts, images, photographs, videotapes, and other materials published on the site, transported via a page or pages linked to the sole responsibility of the person from which such content originated. ugostiteljskaburza.hr makes no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of such content. In the event of any claims of third parties with the basis for damages against the publisher's website ugostiteljskaburza.hr and on any grounds related to the submitted content, the user takes the responsibility and obligation to take any action to defend and protect the publisher Ugostiteljska Burza d.o.o. Company of all such claims. Customer agrees to indemnify any damage as a result of claims of third parties, on any grounds related to the submitted material.
  5. It is prohibited to order and publish content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusing, harassing, slander or are in any way harmful to minors. Prohibited are facilities that contain personal information of others without their consent. User page ugostiteljskaburza.hr agrees not to publish advertisements that are contrary to the law and regulations of the Croatian Constitution. The user undertakes not to sell and advertise the sale or provision of which would violate the copyright and related rights of third parties.
  6. All possible disputes arising from the relationship of users and advertisers (caused by the truth of information about the user or advertiser, the content of the offer, on the subject of the offer price, etc.) Shall be settled exclusively between the user and the advertiser. Page ugostiteljskaburza.hr is not responsible for any damage of any kind incurred as a result of such relations.
  7. All ads must be written in the Croatian language, otherwise they will be removed by the site administrator.
  8. The notification must include information on the subject being sold. The description must relate only to the sale. The ads are not allowed to advertise other items, services or demand anything else that is not subject to sale.
  9. Images in the ad pages ugostiteljskaburza.hr must be images of items being sold. Not allowed advertising logos, banners and so on.
  10. In an ad is allowed to enter only one item is sold, unless is set. (Example: in one advertisement is allowed to sell "a table and four chairs", but is not allowed to sell together "coffee machine and combi-oven.")
  11. Ad content must belong to the appropriate group.
  12. Headline must describe the subject of the sale and the title is not allowed to enter the titles of other websites or more of the same characters in a row (eg .: *** Coffee grinder ***).
  13. Advertisements calling for participation in various marketing publications on the Internet are not allowed.
  14. To page ugostiteljskaburza.hr is allowed to have only one user name and one item can submit only one ad is not allowed publication of ads for the same item in two different groups.
  15. Legal persons, restaurateurs, artisans, agencies and associations can page through ugostiteljskaburza.hr deliver ads to surrender ad in one of the groups on the page ugostiteljskaburza.hr. and if you perform a service activity may be present in a group of "specialized suppliers".
  16. Internet connection from ugostiteljskaburza.hr are permitted only if connecting optional description of the object. Links to sites that advertise various services are not allowed. Links from pages that are competition page ugostiteljskaburza.hr not allowed. Page ugostiteljskaburza.hr reserves the right to assess whether a link (link) to approve or not.
  17. Stranica ugostiteljskaburza.hr zadržava pravo brisanja, odnosno neobjavljivanja oglasa koji ne zadovoljavaju određeni kriterij.
  18. Page ugostiteljskaburza.hr is entitled to modify, edit, or publish advertisements without notice, and it will happen in the following circumstances: when the advertisement is placed in the wrong section, when an advertiser violates copyright and / or other intellectual property rights, when ad can cause damage and / or violate the intellectual property rights of another, in any way, when the content of the ad contains discriminatory and pornographic materials or by Croatian law illegal material, when the content of one ad contains more services that are not arranged in the correct categories, when the ad was in any way abusive, once your ad is suspicious in terms of advertising stolen items, when advertisement in any way impairs the quality of the content thereof.ugostiteljskaburza.hr reserves the right to amend each ad, and that when it does not change the content of the ad (supplement data, etc).
  19. Site user is obliged to take care of the security of their user passwords and periodically change, ugostiteljskaburza.hr not responsible for cases of abuse of user passwords, but after the alert users about the likely misuse of the site administrator appropriate act.
  20. By publishing the ad the user is automatically obliged to conscientiously answer inquiries of other users (by phone or e-mail). User page ugostiteljskaburza.hr must have an active e-mail address where occasionally checked the mail.
  21. The user agrees to receive occasional email that is associated with the activities of the website ugostiteljskaburza.hr. The user at any time may request in writing that the site temporarily or permanently ceases to use their personal details for sending messages. In this period page ugostiteljskaburza.hr to freeze its registration (therefore, it means that the user will no longer be able to use features that are intended only for registered users).
  22. Users with the request for publication of the ad irrevocably authorize page ugostiteljskaburza.hr that the content is used, copied, published and distributed in other media. Page in other media will not publish the user's personal information, but only the content of the ad and link to the site ugostiteljskaburza.hr.
  23. It is not allowed to copy or use any part of the website including all the data that give users, without the prior written consent Ugostiteljska burza d.o.o. Company.
  24. ugostiteljskaburza.hr reserves the right to permanently delete the user from the list of those users who would violate these terms and conditions or otherwise slow down or impede the work site and therefore site ugostiteljskaburza.hr reserves the right to take appropriate action against such person. Terms and relationships are subject to Croatian laws. In case of dispute is the competent court in Rijeka.
  25. Ugostiteljska burza d.o.o. is not responsible for any damages that may arise due to the interruption of availability, not publishing or deleting ads or errors in the operation of the website.
  26. ugostiteljskaburza.hr does not guarantee that the user will be able to access the contents of your ad when it one expires. Therefore it is recommended that the user at myself store content and image ads, in case you will want to use them later in another context.
  27. To manage your website and use the software for analysis by which we analyze the use of the website and thereby acquire knowledge of the needs of its users, and we do all this with a view to improving the quality of our offer. In this connection, and so are used. cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer the website visitors. They allow identification of users during re-visit the site. This enables us to implement the above described analysis of use. Cookies can not be otherwise, through the appropriate settings on your browser, and reject or delete. However, this can lead to certain features of our website can no longer fully used. Said software, in addition, is collected and stored, and some technical information, including the IP address of the user. We stress that, in any case, there is no identification of the person behind this data is not to collect personal information. These data are also not linked to personal information that the user is eventually revealed. By using this website you give your consent to the above-described manner of conducting the analysis of the use of this website.
  28. Using the the website ugostiteljskaburza.hr presumed that you are as a user fully aware and agree with these terms and conditions, terms of advertising and privacy policies. If you do not agree with them and do not accept them, please do not use this website. Any further use of the Website after getting acquainted with the Terms of Use, it is considered that users agree with the teachings herein terms and conditions and agree to the use of Internet pages in accordance with these conditions.
  29. The obligation and duty of the user to use the website ugostiteljskaburza.hr only in accordance with Croatian regulations, as well as with the general moral and ethical principles.
  30. All objections to the 10th article of the Law on Consumer Protection, you can submit in written form to the address of Castel San Pietro Terme 18, Opatija (Croatia) or by e-mail to info@ugostiteljskaburza.hr and sending a fax to 044 / 537-962. Response to the complaint commit ourselves to within a certain Consumer Protection Act.
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